Tuesday, June 29, 2004

5 reasons why people don't share

Found this at the Society for HRM site: Five Reasons People Don't Share by Pamela Babcock:
1. People believe K. is power.
2. People are insecure about the value of their K.
3. People don't trust each other.
4. Employees are afraid of negative consequences.
5. People work for other people who don't tell what they know.
Seemed a good useful summary to me so thought I'd share it :))


Blogger MLOGS said...

Another reason why people may not share knowledge effectively is revealed in a short article in the HBR of Sept. 2005 by Marshall W. van Alstyne, Ass. Prof. in Information Economics at Boston University.
MvA found through research at three recruiting firms, that:
- people who are rewarded for individual performance were least likely to share information,
- people rearded for team performance shared more, and
- people rewarded for company performance shared most.
In each case, the degree of sharing reflected the sharer's self-interest.
According to van Alstyne, it is surprising how many white-collar companies, such as law firms, accounting firms, recruiting firms and management consulting firms still emphasize individual performance (up or out).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

While we all agree with the observations made about sharing of knowledge based on observations of people's behaviour there is another dimension to this issue of Knowledge sharing i.e., unless the individual has inner psychic urge that what he has he should give it away to all so that, then only he would get more of the same in future days ahead. In tamil language Tirukural there is couplet which says like a spring dug on the sand knowledge keep oozing to any one who shares with others around them. That is why in ancient India Sages had "Guru-sikshaya parampara" ( keep the young learners around you in a dorm like enviornment where they learn from their Master and do service to him in his daily living).

This very web page is a nice example of someone sharing what he has learnt and understood about events around him.

Thanks please
g kasturi

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Blogger Shailesh said...

can any 1 tell why knowledge should be share

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